The Center for Professional Development (CPD) has been developed as a dedicated focal point to provide opportunities for continued professional and personal education.
We are excited to announce that CPD is in the process of expanding its focus from general dentistry, health and quality assurance topics to more broad based professional and personal education through which workshops, courses, and conferences will be offered.
In addition to developing programs within these new domains; we also in the process of looking for and working with multi-disciplinary instructors in developing programs which have a much wider coverage such as Education, Management, Communication and Leadership skills for professionals. We are also working on Business Communication and Change Management courses.
CPD now also offers customized training and development programs for organizations which will be conducted at their premises. At this point in time when we are undergoing major strategic changes we appreciate the unrelenting support of professionals and organizations.

We look forward to be working with you.

Ayyaz Ali Khan (Ph.D)
Executive Director, Center for Professional Development


Interested in Teaching/Training with/for CPD?

We at the Center for Professional Development are constantly in search of talented instructors with a flare to conduct new workshops.
We are currently looking for instructors in all spheres of professional and personal development. If you have a course that can provide value to our focus groups eager to enhance their profile, please email your course proposal along with your resume and the Course Description to admin@cpd.org.pk
Kindly include the Learning Objectives of the said course with specifications as to how each Learning Objective will be assessed. Also include the course syllabus and your target audience with a brief as to how this course will benefit or add value to the target audience. Please note that we would seek accreditation of your course from the relevant regulatory body and would, therefore, appreciate if you could submit your complete proposal at least three months before the expected commencement of the workshop/course.